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Ever wanted to find a rose-scented moisturising cream but can’t find one?

That was exactly my dilemma before I created this recipe for DIY rose cream especially formulated for mature skin.

You see, my mum loves rose.

She also recently discovered the anti-ageing properties roses have and has been raving about it since.

Knowing what I do for a living, she asked me one day to make something that would combine the anti-ageing properties of rose with a rose scented product she can use.

Well, it is true that there are certain high-end products which are perfumed with the rose scent and have some benefits for mature skin but hey, my mum wouldn’t want to spend a fortune on them and of course, why would she need to? I’m here!

After a bit of research (okay a lot), and some initial testing, I came up with this recipe.

My mum loves this so much and told me it’s been doing wonders for her skin.

In fact, you don’t have to be in your later years to use this anti aging cream . This will work perfectly for young-ish ladies too!

All you need is some dried rose bulbs – they contain the rose’s anti-ageing compounds.

Some emulsifying wax  – to ensure everything comes together later and give some body to our cream.

A bit of cocoa butter – for its moisturising properties and ability to make mixtures easier to spread.

Also some almond oil – for its skin softening and skin nourishing effects. It’s easily absorbed too!

Plus vitamin E oil – to help preserve our mixture as well as to serve as an anti-oxidant for the skin.

Last but not the least, we will also need some rose fragrance oil – for that romantic and irresistible rose scent!

Let’s begin!

First, make some rose water by immersing about a handful of the dried rose buds in water and letting it sit for a few hours.

In a bowl, place in some emulsifying wax and add in a spoon of cocoa butter. Melt them together.

Once that is done, pour in the rose water and whisk away!

You may have to add the rose water little by little to make mixing easier. This makes sure that everything will be thoroughly combined.

You will have to mix with every new addition, so whisk and whisk after the addition of a spoonful of almond oil, 1 millilitre of vitamin E oil, and some rose fragrance oil.

You will end up with a beautiful creamy mixture!

Sterilise your container using some isopropyl alcohol and dry it completely.

Pour in the DIY rose cream mixture into container and don’t spill any!

There you have it, use day and night instead of your moisturiser.

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