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Do you sometimes worry that having a bit of cellulite is the end of wearing short skirts and dresses? Fret not, there is an easy way to get rid of cellulite home remedy  wherever it may be.

For this entry, I want to share one of my best kept secrets to achieving cellulite-free skin. This is all natural and can be made right in your kitchen.

Don’t believe me? All you need is one secret ingredient!

To start with this cellulite home remedy, you will need some coffee grounds. Yes, the same coffee grounds you use for your morning cup of joy!

Once you have that, you will also need some coconut oil – for that moisturising and skin softening effect it has. You all know, I consider it as the queen of all oils!

You will also need some almond oil for its mild moisturising properties which leaves skin smooth and silky.

And last but certainly not the least, some jojoba oil for just that tiny bit of extra moisturisation and a dose of skin-friendly anti-oxidants.

To make the DIY cellulite-fighting scrub, simply get a clean bowl and dump a big spoon of coffee grounds in it.

Next, we’ll add the oils. Just a spoonful of coconut oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil to ensure we have a great carrier for the coffee grounds.

Lots of mixing ahead until everything is smooth!

You can use this as is or if you’re like me, place it in a cute clean container.

To use this DIY anti cellulite coffee scrub, simply scoop a teaspoon of the mixture and massage or rub unto the affected area for at least 5 minutes, preferably before you shower.

The caffeine in the coffee grounds will stimulate better blood flow to the area and the massaging motion will help smoothen out the skin. The coconut oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil all lend their special skin-friendly properties to make your cellulite area healthier and better looking.

Simply wash with your favourite soap once done.

That’s it! A very simple once or twice a week regimen to take care of your cellulite. Isn’t that great?

I personally love this as an exfoliant too. You don’t even have to have cellulite to enjoy the luxurious effect of this DIY coffee scrub.

Let me know if you try it!

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I look forward to it!