Occasionally men need a little help when it comes to choosing skincare for themselves – not least in order to prevent them from using your cream when you’re not looking.

Thankfully there are plenty of great, male-targeted beauty recipes on Create Your Cosmetics blog for you to guide your brother, your boyfriend, your father or your husband towards.

Here’s my pick to best skincare for man :

1. Shaving Soap.

The perfect shave starts with the perfect lather.

A quality shaving soap contains a high level of glycerine. Glycerine, derived from vegetable oil, is important because it serves as a humectant, which locks in water and hydrates the skin. It is also an efficient emollient because it softens the beard and leaves the skin smooth and moisturised.

Shaving soap is really good at clearing up acne, chilling out the symptoms of dermatitis and eczema, and maintaining balanced oil levels in the skin.

2. Moisturiser.

Harsh weather, shaving and pollution – the list of everyday events waging war on men’s skin is endless, and a quality moisturiser is essential.

That’s why this DIY moisturiser deserve a spot in your bathroom cabinet.

3. Sunscreen.

It may not be the most high-brow product on this list, but this DIY sunscreen swears by three core principals: hydrate, condition and protect. It’s packed with essential vitamins to condition the skin and offers protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays.

4. Anti-Ageing Cream.

Lately the term “anti-ageing” has been slapped onto everything from sunscreen to face wash to, yes, shampoo. But what does this phrase even mean?

Will slapping DYI anti-ageing cream onto face actually stop the biological process that results in wrinkles, saggy skin, fine lines, discoloration and all the other noticeable things that happen to epidermis as your man get older?

Of course not. No cream will stop the natural process of ageing, but that doesn’t mean these anti-ageing formulas aren’t without merit. What the term is really saying is that the product contains ingredients that protect from “free radicals”.

These are unstable compounds that screw with cell’s DNA and are found in things as pervasive as food, sunlight, and air as well as in more obvious vices like alcohol and tobacco.

They’re also created by our own bodies when we’re stressed, don’t sleep well, and aren’t drinking enough water. In skincare terms, they make you dry, wrinkled, discolored, dull, and saggy — or, simply put, they make you age.

5. Deodorant.

If your man used the same old deodorant stick for years, he may want to experiment with something new. Just as bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics, it‘s possible for his pits to become immune to the ingredients in deodorant.

It’s a good idea to switch to DIY deodorant to prevent resistance.