Woman Shaving Legs

It’s the month of love everyone!

For this month, I’ve prepared one of my most requested DIY recipes, a DIY natural shaving soap.

So hold-off your razors and be sharp with your pen and paper because we are shaving down this recipe right to the core.

To make this shaving soap recipe , You’ll need:

For a mild base to give you that luxurious and sexy feel, we will need some clear soap base.

We will also need some aloe vera gel to help make our soap a non-drying one.

For colour, what colour would be better than a cute sweetheart pink? We got some pink mica powder for that.

And for the scent, we will use some alluring passionfruit fragrance oil.

Oops, and don’t forget the cute heart shaped mould! It will make this soap extra special.

Isn’t this exciting?

To begin, slice some of the clear soap base into manageable pieces.

This process will make the soap easier to melt down. I find it best to cut up the soap into half an inch squares.

Once that is done. Place them in a microwave safe bowl and melt.

Stir in a tablespoon of soothing and moisturising aloe vera gel until well combined.

Once that is mixed together, it is time for colour!

Use about a pinch up to half a teaspoon of the pink mica powder and mix that in. It might take a while for it to be thoroughly incorporated but once you’re done with that, you’ll be wowed by the colour!

Add 1 millilitre of passionfruit fragrance oil and mix that in. It really smells amazing!

Pour the soap mixture into the cute heart  mould and give it a spray of isopropyl alcohol to get rid of bubbles.

Allow to harden for about an hour.

That’s it!

Unmould and enjoy as a shaving soap.

The luxurious suds from this shaving soap is all you’ll need for that close and intimate shave which will surely leave your skin feeling as soft and as smooth as a baby’s.

Get your sexy on with this feminine and sweet DIY natural shaving soap ladies!

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