Create Your Cosmetics Consultants FAQs

Below, you will find the most “Frequently Asked Questions” in preparation for starting up your new Create Your Cosmetics business as an Independent Consultant. We hope that the information provided here will be helpful for you as you become a vital member of our Create Your Cosmetics Team.

How do I get started in this fun business?

To get started, you’ll need to have a collection of our most popular cosmetic making kits to show off and display at your classes. All that you’ll need are included in the Create Your Cosmetics Business Starter Kit.

How much does a Create Your Cosmetics Business Starter Kit cost?

A Create Your Cosmetics Business Starter Kit is very reasonably priced at only $249.00 and includes a collection of our very best selling cosmetic making kits. The suggested retail value for this kit is over $450.00.

When you avail of the Business Starter Kit, you are getting more than $200 worth of discounts! We are offering you this amazing opportunity and huge discount to help jump start your business. The real fun and excitement begins once you start holding classes, taking orders and earning extra income $$$! We know you’ll love the flexibility and all the exciting rewards that come from having your own business and that is the opportunity we are sharing with you at Create Your Cosmetics.

What will I receive in the Business Starter Kit?

The Business Starter Kit will include a wonderful collection of luxurious soap bases, 100% pure essential oils, Fragrance Oils, Colourants , Silicone Moulds and Lipstick making supplies to make full range of all-natural lipsticks free of parabens, nanos and lead.

The Skincare Collection provides a fantastic introduction to some of the most popular skincare products from Create Your Cosmetics’ Skincare Making Kits as well as other business supplies to aid in the success of your business. Everything you need to start your Create Your Cosmetics business is included in the Business Starter Kit for a huge discount.

How does it all work?

Once you have ordered your kit, we suggest you try and have 4 – 6 classes booked before your kit is sent to you.

At your class, you will allow the guests to see how cosmetics are made. While they try the products, you go through the catalogue with them and assist them with their orders. The beauty of conducting your own class is you can let your personality shine! Whether you choose to play fun activities or just to demonstrate how good the products are, you will surely have lots of fun!

At the end of the class, you simply collect the orders and their corresponding payments. We have a strict policy on people paying for their orders on the day the orders are made, and this is implemented with no exceptions.

How do I pay for my orders?

Once you have received the payments from your class, you will need to place an order with us for any products that you need.  To place an order, just fill your order on our website .

As with your customers, we also require upfront payment for the orders you place with us. This is why we highly recommend that you collect payments from orders on the day of your class so you can use it to purchase what you need.


Our preferred payment method is Paypal.

If you do not want to pay by Paypal, you can pay via direct debit into our account. This facility is just as effective but is a few days behind as we have to wait for the funds to clear before we can release the order. We also require you to send us a remittance advice to let us know that you have paid by using direct debit.

 How much commission will I earn as a new Independent Create Your Cosmetics Consultant?

As a qualifying Consultant, you will immediately earn a high commission of up to 50% on personal net retail sales, excluded shipping charges. Our Compensation Plan is very generous.

Is there a minimum monthly sales quota to meet?

There is no required minimum monthly sales quota to meet. However, to activate your membership, you will have to submit $250 in personal net sales within 30 days to be considered an active Create Your Cosmetics Consultant.

Is there any additional compensation for me should I recommend others to sign up and become an Independent Create Your Cosmetics Consultant?

Yes, once you recommend others who agree to sign up and become Independent Create Your Cosmetics Consultants, you’ll start earning an additional 2% commission rate on their retail sales. Commission is based on that individual’s net retail sales shipped orders, excluding shipping charges.

Start your own team of Create Your Cosmetics Consultants for more fun and profits! The sky is the limit on your earning power!

How long before I receive my commission payment?

Commissions are paid at the end of each month based on your personal net sales and the sales of your team. The amount will be paid to your Paypal account

Do you offer a personal discount should I wish to place a personal order or add new samples to my Kit?

Once you become a qualified Independent Create Your Cosmetics Consultant, you can get personal discounts of as high as 25% off the retail price. You may also qualify for our limited offers featuring exclusive wholesale sample sale discounts.

As an Independent Create your Cosmetics Consultant, am I responsible for shipping orders to the customer?

No, once your customer’s orders are placed and processed, there is no sorting, delivering or shipping to handle. Our main office handles all the shipping for you!

Are orders shipped to the Independent Sales Consultant or to the Host?

Once all payments are received, orders are shipped directly to the Host unless otherwise specified in advance.

How long before the Hostess receives her class orders?

In most areas, the average shipping time for standard shipping is approximately 7 to 10 days from receipt of order. During peak holiday seasons, additional time may be necessary as shipping companies would be also dealing with the holiday rush.

Do you offer any customer guarantee?

If you are not completely satisfied with any of the Create Your Cosmetics products you have purchased, return it with your original receipt or proof of purchase within 14 days of your receipt for a merchandise replacement or gift certificate.

Do you offer any Business Starter KIT guarantee?

If you are not completely satisfied with your Business Starter Kit, you may return the entire Kit within 14 days to receive a full cash refund excluding shipping charges.

Do I have to pay freight on my orders?

You will have to pay a freight charge on your orders.

What do I need to get started?

All Consultants need to have or have access to the following:

  1. A printer/scanner
  2. A computer with word and excel
  3. A Paypal account.

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