What is the Create Your Cosmetics E-class?

The Create Your Cosmetics E-class is simply a class or classes which are held online with the use of communication tools available.

The benefits of a Create Your Cosmetics E-class are:

★ You won’t have the hassle of having to invite friends over, prepare any food, or get a baby sitter.

★ You can sometimes get away with more FREE products than having a regular class. That means more Create Your Cosmetics products you can enjoy crafting new fresh and natural DIY cosmetics for yourself and loved ones!

Based on the sales generated through your Online Class or E-class, you’ll qualify to receive a Create Your Cosmetics eGift Certificate to redeem online for your choice of Create Your Cosmetics products.

Isn’t that great?!

Are you ready for all the fun and rewards of hosting your own Create Your Cosmetics E-Class, or would you just like to find out more?

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