Create Your Cosmetics Botanical Ingredients
At Create Your Cosmetics, we only carry safe botanicals for all your DIY cosmetics needs! Shop at our store to see DIY cosmetics Kits and more makeup ingredients and materials you need to create your cosmetics at home!
What are Botanical Ingredients?
Botanical ingredients are the ingredients used in making cosmetics which came from plants, be it in the form of seeds, leaves, roots, herbs or fruits.
Why are Botanical Ingredients Used in Cosmetics?
Botanical ingredients are actually one of the first cosmetics ever used. The natural colourants found in plants and used to color the body or hide, plant sap and juices which were used to soothe and protect from insects, and fragrances made from oils were the very first cosmetics used in ancient times. Technically speaking, we can also say that plants were the only living organisms which has produced substances for moisturizing, cleaning, treating minor skin conditions and covering blemishes.
Are Botanical Ingredients safe?
Not all types of botanicals are safe. Some botanicals are only safe in small doses whereas some are safe depending on the route of exposure to the said botanicals. Considering that the overwhelming majority of cosmetics are applied on the skin, botanicals are very safe compared to other cosmetic ingredients.

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