Create Your Cosmetics Butters
Create Your Cosmetics carry two types of cosmetic butters, cocoa butter and shea butter.
Create Your Cosmetics Cocoa Butter
Obtained from the seeds of Theobroma cacao, cocoa butter is one DIY cosmetics ingredients chocolate lovers will surely love. Do you know that it is also used in making chocolates? The best uses of cocoa butter would be for cleansing products, fragrances, bath products, facial makeup, eye makeup, depilatories, skin care products, sun tanning products and hair conditioners.
Cocoa butter, just like the one we sell here at Create Your Cosmetics protects the skin from noxious stimuli. It helps the skin stay hydrated by preventing the loss of fluid by forming a protective barrier on the surface of the skin. It is why it is used in making cosmetics.
Create Your Cosmetics Shea Butter
Shea butter is obtained from shea tree and is often used in the creation of various cosmetics and personal hygiene products such as lotions and creams, lipstick, bath products, hair care products, eye makeup and cleansing products. All of this is because shea butter can act as a hair conditioning agent, skin conditioning agent and viscosity increasing agent.
With Create Your Cosmetics, pampering yourself by using natural and safe ingredients for your DIY cosmetics is a breeze. Shop below and see more products from out store by clicking the various product categories we have.

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