Create Your Cosmetics Colourants
Cosmetic colourants are ingredients that add or alter the colour of a cosmetic product may it be alone or combined with other colourants and ingredients to produce a specific colour. Create Your Cosmetics colourants are not only safe, they are made of high grade pigments which gives homemade cosmetics a vibrant hue. Take a look at the various colourants we have at Create Your Cosmetics and our products today!
Cosmetic Colourants
Colourants are utilised to make cosmetic products more appealing and attractive, just like they are used for food to make the food look more appetising. Colourants may also be used for product branding or to create a signature colour- something which creates immediate recognition when customers see your product.
Choosing the right cosmetic colourants to use is an artform. You have to know how to balance the right amount of cosmetic colourants as compared to the other ingredients in making DIY cosmetics to achieve the right result.
At Create Your Cosmetics, we also have DIY makeup kits featuring our key ingredients, such as our Create Your Cosmetics colourants. Have a look and enjoy creating safe and fresh cosmetics at the comfort of your own home.

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