Fragrance Oils

Create Your Cosmetics Fragrances
Create Your Cosmetics only uses the highest quality available fragrances as part of our products. All fragrances sold at the Create Your Cosmetics are designed and produced to be safe and appropriate for personal care and cosmetic use so you can be rest assured that we are looking after you!
What are Fragrances?
Fragrances are often composed of aroma compounds and natural oils which makes it possible to make stable scents. Almost all fragrances can be used for making personal care products and DIY cosmetics as long as proper ratio and proportion is observed.
Create your Cosmetics Quality Assurance on Fragrances
Create Your Cosmetics knows the importance of using only undiluted high quality fragrance bases and undiluted fragrance oils to ensure the quality of the finished product. High quality and pure fragrances like those sold at the Create Your Cosmetics allows you to use less fragrance and thus save.
Using Fragrances on DIY Cosmetics
On average, a bar of soap contains 0.5 to 3.0% fragrance by weight, a big leap compared to a skincare concentration which is only 0.01% fragrance by weight. Though this may not seem like a huge amount of fragrance percentage-wise, the concentration and the purity of fragrances do play a big role on how good (or bad) the end product will be.
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