Silicone Moulds

There’s no doubt that you may have used silicone moulds before in the kitchen; and now, it is time to use them in making fresh cosmetics too with Create Your Cosmetics DIY Kits!
Create Your Cosmetics Silicone Moulds
View our vast selection of Handmade Create Your Cosmetics silicone moulds. We have handmade moulds for holidays, for cute children crafts, those with beautiful and intricate floral design and popular shapes like rounds, rectangles and hearts!
Handmade Silicone moulds are used to make a lot of the products at the Create Your Cosmetics DIY Kits for the following reasons:
Silicone Moulds Can Be Used For Hot and Cold Processes
Silicone moulds are versatile! They can be used when you are pouring a hot lipstick base or soap and placed in the freezer or the refrigerator. It won’t crack and it won’t chip, that’s because most silicone moulds can withstand temperatures of up to 260°C (that’s 525°F baking temperature) and can also handle freezing or subzero temperature.
Silicone Moulds are Non-Stick and Easy to Clean
Have you tried creating soaps using wooden or metal moulds? Aside from the fact that getting the set product from it takes a lot of dexterity, there’s also the problem of the clean-up. With moulds made from silicone, clean up and unmoulding is a breeze, so you can have more time admiring your Create Your Cosmetics creations.
Silicone Moulds are Considered Food Safe
If they are safe enough for the food that you eat, they are very safe for making cosmetics too, especially when you use it with materials from Create Your Cosmetics.

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