Create Your Cosmetics – Waxes for Cosmetics
Create Your Cosmetics carries an all natural variety of cosmetic waxes. Try our cosmetic waxes out in the preparation of your DIY cosmetics and experience the joy of knowing how to create your cosmetics at home
What Are Waxes?
Waxes are a mixture of fatty acids, alcohols and esters. The reason why they are often used in the preparation of cosmetics and personal care products is because they are more brittle, harder and less greasy than fats, which also makes waxes have excellent emollient, thickening, protecting and film-forming effects. These characteristics also enables waxes enhance the viscosity of products they are added to and also acts as a stabiliser to cosmetics.
On What Cosmetics are Waxes Used?
Plant waxes like carnauba wax and candelilla wax and beeswax are often used in formulating and making bath products, baby products, fragrances, lipstick, hair products, nail care products, skin care products, personal hygiene products as well as suntan lotions and sunscreen. This means you are free to use our Create Your Cosmetics waxes in creating all sorts of fresh natural cosmetics for yourself, your business and loved ones!
How do Waxes Work in Cosmetics?
• Plant waxes and beeswax prevents the separation of the liquid and the oil component in an emulsion.
• Waxes add creaminess and a smoother feel to products they are added to.
• Waxes give body and structure, often thickening a mixture or solidifying it like how it acts in making lipstick.
• Waxes are also used in depilatory products because they can remove hair mechanically.

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