Product Description

Soap nuts contain saponins , which are a natural surfactant. They have been used for washing for thousands of years by native people in Asia and America. Soap nut are being used for commercial use in cosmetics and detergents as well as many other products.

Soap nuts are 100%:

Pure and natural

Chemical free

Non allergenic

Antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal


Beneficial to grey-water and septic systems

Wild harvested (organic)

Not tested on animals, vegan

Easy to use


How to use:

Place 2-6 whole soapnut shells in one of the wash nets provided (stockings or laundry nets can also be used)

Place in the machine drum with your washing.

The number of shells needed will depend on the size of your load of washing or how heavily soiled your clothes are – the larger the size or the more soiled the clothes are, the more shells are needed

The soapnuts do not need to be removed during the rinse cycle as there are no harmful substances left over.About 50g of soapnuts will be enough for approximately 20-40 loads of laundry equivalent to a month’s worth of washing