Product Description

Mica is a natural product, that is mined but then, the individual mica is coated with FD&C colourants, or pigments, or a combination of both to achieve the colourant.

To use in soaps, pour your soaps at cooler temperatures as they will suspend the micas better. To achieve the real effect of a mica in soap, the particles need to be aligned in the same direction – you can try pouring your soap and then “combing” the surface of the soap in one direction using a spatula. You will get different results when you add micas to coloured verses non-coloured soaps. Having a background colour enhances the effects of the mica.

To add mica powder to a liquid formulation, first disperse the mica in a small amount of oil and then add the coloured oil to the batch once all the clumps are broken up. Micas are easily stirred into dry salts and powders. It is safe for all cosmetic use, including for use in makeup!!!

Can be used directly on the skin as a makeup, or mixed with various

fillers to create your own line of mineral makeup!