Product Description

Red Iron oxide have been around since the early 1900’s and have been used to colour cosmetics and as part of cultural religious ceremonies. At present iron oxides are the most commonly used colouring pigment used in cosmetics and makeup preparations.

Although there are 16 known iron oxides, there are only three main colour groups, yellow iron oxide (yellow), colcothar (red) and black iron oxide (black). Various colour tones are dependent on; temperature, concentration, pH and the size of the particle when it is produced.

Different shades of a colour can be achieved by altering these properties and different colours can be achieved by mixing the three groups of colour together.

Iron oxides are commonly known in the cosmetic industry as colouring agents. They are inorganic compounds which are synthetically prepared, so that impurities are removed which are normally found in natural occurring iron oxides. They are considered safe for use in the cosmetic industry and are a popular ingredient to add as part of your cosmetic manufacturing process due to features such as; they are non-bleeding, they don’t fade, they are moisture resistant and most importantly in our health aware culture they are considered to be non-toxic.


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