Create Your Cosmetics is for the lover of natural makeup and natural cosmetics in you!

Our team is composed of dedicated individuals who are all working together to bring and spread the concept of using natural makeup and natural cosmetics within reach of Australian makeup lovers.

Create Your Cosmetics Mission

Our mission is to inspire individuals about making cosmetics in every home, while empowering and rewarding the lives of those individuals.

Through that, we aim to empower makeup lovers to make the right choice in selecting makeup. Everyone deserves the best, especially when it comes to products used on their skin. At Create Your Cosmetics, beauty that is more than skin deep is achievable with the use of freshly made natural makeup – because you deserve better.

Create Your Cosmetics Vision

Our vision is to have a world where makeup lovers are aware of the benefits of using fresh makeup and wherein makeup lovers have the confidence and knowledge to create their own makeup.

Create Your Cosmetics aims to bring confidence to every Australian woman through education and talking about beauty products by way of Create Your Cosmetics classes.

Besides empowering the public about the benefits of using fresh homemade cosmetics which they themselves have created, we also want to empower makeup lovers to be effective leaders in spreading the beauty of using fresh natural cosmetics.

Meet Our Team


Create Your Cosmetics is the brainchild of Lana, a natural cosmetics enthusiast whose passion for safe and fresh cosmetics propelled her to give rise to Create Your Cosmetics.

From her early years as a 12 year old teenager back in Russia, Lana has always loved cosmetics. As she grew to become a young lady, that hobby turned into a burning passion which prompted her to study Chemistry and Biotechnology. From years of development, Create Your Cosmetics is very much the sum of Lana’s life; her family history, her childhood experiences, her travels and her degree. When Lana moved to Australia, she began harnessing her years of accumulated knowledge by teaching people how to make fresh soaps, a business idea which gave rise to creating a company that would bring the same benefits of using fresh soaps into using fresh natural cosmetics. All of this and with a love of natural cosmetics and natural makeup, Create Your Cosmetics was born!

At Create Your Cosmetics, Lana continues to marry the accumulated wisdom of generations with modern scientific techniques, ensuring that the entire range of products supports our core philosophy of providing ethically produced, high quality products which benefit s both body and soul!